The Flats

The Todmorden Foundation is proud to be a driving force behind the $100 million redevelopment plan for The Flats neighborhood on the West side of Wilmington. This redevelopment of over 450 residential units began in 2015 and will be split up into 7 phases over multiple years.

We are working with designers and architects to maintain the historic feel and character of this community which was originally envisioned by William P. Bancroft over a century ago to house mill workers, artisans, and other people of modest means. The rehabilitation of this area includes affordable, low-income apartments and row houses as well as senior housing.

The new housing units will have modern features and amenities such as:

air conditioning, large closets, multiple baths, dishwashers and microwave ovens, WiFi, and outdoor security cameras. 

Prior to renovation, the row homes were uninsulated, meaning residents were paying more for heating than they were for rent.

We have retained the neighborhood’s charm by incorporating quality, human-scaled architecture and signature design features, such as the brick exteriors, that make The Flats an important part of the urban fabric of Wilmington.

Other amenities include security cameras, off-street parking, access to public transit, 24-hour maintenance service, on-site support services, a community center and more.

Once complete, the renovations – in addition to the nearby Woodlawn Library, city parks and proximity to retail and dining – will make The Flats one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Wilmington.

For more information or to request an application, please call (302) 384-7596 or email: Applicants for units in The Flats must meet federal income guidelines. Section 8 vouchers are accepted.

Todmorden partnered with Woodlawn Trustees, Inc. and HDC MidAtlantic on this extensive project, and is excited to share these plans with you.

To obtain more information, an application or have your name put on the “Interest List” please contact:

HDC MidAtlantic
302-656-0801 or 302-384-7596